How It Works

If you decide to choose a Ukrainian intern you must know, he must obtain a work permission and temporary residence. To do this the applicant should contact the Embassy in Ukraine, after receiving the necessary documents from you. Then the embassy will verify the authenticity of documents and decide on granting. From our experience the visa process takes up to 2-3 months.

If you cooperate with us you can count on the following services:

  • Choose perfectly suitable applicant. (The list of the candidates on site is NOT final. Please contact us at any convinient time for you and we will send you more resumes for your review. We have plenty of students wishing to undertake a training at agricultural farm. So, you will always have a good choice! Just contact us.)
  • Rely on a complete service from our company for the proper filling of the employment contract and the formation of the necessary documents for submission to the embassy. We completely take care of visa support to a applicant. You do not necessarily know all the details of the immigration laws. All you need – it’s time to discuss the arrival of the applicant and provide us with the necessary documents. Everything else will be done by ourselves.

Algorithm of your cooperation with us is provided as follows:

Step one.
You choose an applicant on our website and notify us by sending the contact form. If necessary our representative will contact you at any convenient time and clarify the details of the future contract. We will be happy to answer all your questions or letters.
If you decide on the candidate you will need to make a job offer filling in the necessary information (salary, contract terms, the living conditions, price of provided housing etc., then sign the document and send it to our email address

Step Two.
Once you have decided on a candidate and sent us the signed documents. We collect the necessary documents for submission to the embassy in Kiev within seven days. Once the applicant has submitted documents to the embassy we will notify you to be sure that the procedure has started.

Step Three.
We expect to receive the applicant work permission and if necessary will contact the embassy to find out at what stage the paperwork of our client is. Once the applicant receives permission we agree with you the date of his arrival. As a rule we expect that you will meet an employee at the nearest airport or railway station. Upon arrival the applicant must register in the local government.

Step Four.
If necessary, “Agrotrainee” provides information and consults as for the employer as for trainee on emerging issues relating to the employment relationship between the parties during the work process in your company. You can always count on us!
If you have any questions or you need assistance, please contact us.